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How to mine Litecoin on NetcodePool. Hello everyone, this tutorial is to show you how to tune your GPU to get a better hash rate.

Overclocking for scrypt mining is more complex than bitcoin rather Ксюша Binance Year ago. Крипты Lisk LSKPart 2 Make sure Please leave a like and suggestions Free Mining Litecoin 0. Free Litecoin 0. Important links: A simple step by step guide demonstrating how to mine scrypt cryptocurrency i.

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GUIminer для майнинга Bitcoin и Litecoin — настройка и особенности работы

You need Emerald Coin: Mining an alternate crypto currency with your graphics card Litecoin clone Florian Uhlemann 5 years ago. Maxwell Sanchez 6 years ago. The litecoin community, however, bitcoin configurations a technology upgrade this year, which sparked additional interest. Litecoin is often compared to the digital currency bitcoin, and for good reason. Litecoin was heavily influenced by bitcoin when Charlie Lee developed it in The theory and the setup are similar to that of bitcoin; however, there are a few major differences that set the two cryptocurrencies apart.

The lifetime cap of the currencies is different. Litecoin has a lifetime cap of 84 million coins, which is about four times more than bitcoin. In contrast, bitcoin has a cap of 21 million coins, and the currency is further along in its growth cycle, meaning that fewer coins are available.

Fewer coins available can translate to a higher value for each coin. Litecoin has faster block generation. The holy grail of mining is faster block generation. Rewards are earned only when blocks are generated, so the faster you can generate those blocks, the better. As a result, litecoin transactions are confirmed about four times faster than those of bitcoin.

The proof of work algorithm is different. Bitcoin uses the SHA algorithm, and litecoin uses a scrypt algorithm; they are very different. Here is a quick breakdown of the two algorithms. Computers with powerful graphic cards GPU mining that were used frequently in the past for bitcoin эфириум компьютер but are rarely used today can be repurposed for litecoin mining. In addition, the scrypt approach to mining makes it easier for people with basic home computers to participate.

Are you new to mining cryptocurrencies? Opting for a mining computer does have benefits, including the ability to keep the computer cool, since it runs for long periods of time.

This is a dedicated machine that helps increase mining power. Но, конечно, основное преимущество GUIminer-scrypt над прочими подобными решениями — это наличие графической оболочки. Большинство современных майнеров являются консольными приложениями.

Так что использоваться их не очень удобно, а вот с данной программой разберется даже ребенок. Для начала процесса добычи достаточно выбрать режим майнинга в зависимости от производителя графического адаптераа также указать данные для подключения к пулу.

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Кстати, в программе поддерживается соло-режим, не предусматривающий работу в пуле. Вот только интересен он будет, разве что, обладателям особенно крупных ферм для добычи криптовалюты. Что касается производительности, то в этом плане GUIminer-scrypt не отстает, но и превосходит альтернативы. Для достижения оптимальной эффективности добычи разработчик рекомендует использовать самые свежие версии драйверов для графического адаптера.

Извлеките содержимое архива в нужную вам директорию и запустите guiminer.