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Я давно ищу подходящий пул solo для LTC… как у вас получилось сделать пул который прошел по сложности в nice? На одном из форумов я находил ребят которые сделали SOLO на монеты совсем свежие где сложность добычи очень низкая и можно сделать очень хорошие балансы.

Only could do static difficulty so try to pick an appropriate difficulty for your speed:. Most interested in support the LTC network. No need to tip unless you find a block.

Just want to help your project. Your support kept this project alive, I think I would have killed it tonight if it was for that other worker showing up. Thank you! I am skeptical of the merged mining on so many chains.

Rolled back to just Litecoin and Dogecoin for now. Solo Mining vs Pool Mining Mining. Chance January 27, Days of google, reddit, bitcoin wiki, github exploring, pieced it together thanks that BS in CE I set up a small test to merge mine Litecoin and Dogecoin using the testnets. CryptoColby January 27,9: Robertw January 27,9: Just finished downloading the Viacoin blockchain and Myriadcoin blockchain.

Only could do static difficulty so try to pick an appropriate difficulty for your speed: Was messing with the server and took it offline a bit today in case you noticed any interrupts. GoChain GO Crypto assets. Vertcoin VTC Crypto assets.

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Peercoin PPC Crypto assets. Ubiq UBQ Crypto assets. NIX Platform Crypto assets. Viacoin VIA Crypto assets. GameCredits Crypto assets. Proof of Authority Crypto assets.

Stakenet XSN Crypto assets. Callisto CLO Crypto assets. Stealth XST Crypto assets. Nimiq NIM Crypto assets. Musicoin Crypto assets.

Expanse EXP Crypto assets. Akroma AKA Crypto assets. Ethersocial ESN Crypto assets. PoSW coin Crypto assets. Atheios ATH Crypto assets. Groestlcoin GRS Crypto assets. Watch the LTC market after Sunday after the fork I just became aware of this info this SAT morning on Feb 17. The software from litcoin.

On the other hand, I will watch LTC and potentially buy some when it tanks all the way to the bottom after this LCC litecoin cash fork. Below are all the links so you can make your decision! Сделка активна: Just providing you guys with a link on how long the software from litecoin. This the wallet that will hold your LTC for the fork with a different address.

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Lite Coin Cash after the fork! Well, Yesterday I almost had a heart attack. When I sent 9k to the litecoin. Zero confirmations. Like it never left GDAX. Well, in the final end, I realized when I checked the status of GDAX their were specifically having performance problems wite litecoin specifically.

I thought i was doomed, since i also thought i would be late for the litecoin Cash fork which occured at 1: GUys, I barely made the cut. The money arrived at exactly I dont know. I hate transporting money like this thru wallets. Ive heard all kind of horror stories.

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Yesterday, I actually thought I was gonna become on of those unfortunate horror stories with a bad ending. Lesson learned, I will never execute a withdraw with just 24 hrs before a fork. Anything can actually go wrong. You really do have prepare for a fork at least 3 days in advance at the very minimum in my opinion. Thanks CrytoBuzzAnalysis.