What is red in my ledger

But you figured [bad word] Loki: After whatever tortures Fury can concoct, you would appear as a friend, as a balm. And I would cooperate. What happens to his mind? Is this love, Agent Romanoff? Love is for children. I owe him a debt.

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Tell me. I have a very specific skillset. Agent Barton was sent to kill me, he made a different call.

And what will you do if I vow to spare him? Not let you out.

Ah, no. But I like this. Your world in the balance, and you bargain for one man? I tend not to weep over that, [bad word] or I was. And what are you now? Can you?

Can you wipe out that much red? Sao Paulo? Remember that scene where she and Happy infiltrated the facility, chasing after Ivan Vanko?

Wonder if instead of him being explorer litecoin net when she busted down the door, she had to go toe to toe with him, with his armor on? The same Ivan Vanko who nearly killed Tony in his suit. The scene would likely end with Ivan escaping, barely, and BW alerting Tony of his departure, but it would give us the lasting impression that without any armor, lightning, serum, or radiation, she can go toe to toe with the biggest baddies.

We can understand it. Winter Soldier found BW paired with Cap, which centered around themes of trust and the truth. It was a perfect set up for conflict. BW fluid in truth and distrustful. Cap having an unbending moral compass and in a complete pursuit of the truth and honesty. The two have to work together, on the run. BW, however, once again becomes the character in a movie that moves the plot forward for a male protagonist. And here we still only get a fraction of her background and, of course, it centers around a description of the main villain and is used as an info dump for the viewer the scene where Steve and her are at the candy machine.

She breaks that pattern when she releases the files to the public and exposes everyone. And her and Steve move past a work relationship into something more…. The point is, the fact that Black Widow had the emotional strength to release her secrets to the public means she had to accept them herself. The red in my ledger arc would be finished. And we as an audience can relate to it.

Everyone has dark stuff in their history, and everyone knows how hard it would be to let the world see it.

It takes acceptance and strength to do that. It was brilliant. The beauty of being human is accepting our mistakes and moving past them, forgiving yourself. And then came AoU. And she needed to be rescued, my goodness. How wonderful would it have been if she had fought Ultron and gotten out of there herself? See, even without her own movie, there are moments where we could have seen her be her own and not beholden to a man.

Worse, we have lines like: Civil War finds her on this path. The only significant choice she makes is the one in which she betrays IM for Steve Rogers — another choice to move the plot forward for a male protagonist. Good for her character arc, but still. Infinity war hits, and we are told that her and Steve have been hiding out underground.

We see her take more of a leadership role, watching over Wanda and Vision, joining Steve and BP on making decisions. After the 5 year time jump we find her holding down the fort at the facility, trying to find any way to fix the snap.

During that time we witness the others grieve and Hawkeye slaughter innocents. The writers firmly plant her in the motherly role, even describing them as her family.

I want some blood off my ledger.

Я хочу избавиться от этого груза вины на моих плечах. I just need to reconcile my ledger. Мне только нужно сверить свою бухгалтерскую книгу. If you could just sign my ledger here, Mr.

Вам нужно только поставить свою подпись здесь, мистер и миссис Клянусь моей бухгалтерской книгойя понял, Марн! Плюс, тут бух. Would you like a peek at my ledger? Хочешь украдкой взглянуть в мою книгу? What about my ledgers and all that stuff?

А моя отчётность и всё остальное? The bar had been weighing down my ledger sheets for years. Бар много лет приносил мне лишь убытки.